Robert F. Mason
President, Mason Industries
Lakewood, CA

Dear Mr. Gnass,

Now that all of the excitement has subsided and I have had time to reflect upon the events of the past few months, I felt compelled to write you this brief letter just to say "thank you" to you and your staff for the tremendous effort you put forth in presenting a truly superb "Invention Convention" this year in Pasadena.

It is because of you and your organization's dedication to presenting the best conventions possible that we as inventors have a forum for exhibiting our dreams and ideas and to give us a venue in which to turn them into realities.

Not only am I extremely proud to be the recipient of this year's prestigious "Best Medical Invention" award but I am likewise rewarded that because of being a participant in this year's convention I was able to meet a large number of manufacturing representatives, and, as a result of those introductions I have entered into a partnership agreement with a successful manufacturer who is presently making three multi-cavity plastic injection molds for my product. Besides all of the manufacturing, they will also be doing all of the assembly and packaging of my product at a very acceptable cost to me.

Aside from the manufacturers, I also met many distributors and catalog sales people who are very interested in distributing my product. These people along with many other individuals I met at this year's convention should give me a giant leap forward toward obtaining my final goal.

Again, I wish to sincerely thank Stephen Gnass and his staff for putting on this year's fantastic "Invention Convention". There is not a more successful way to meet all the right people who can help you and want to work with you than at the Invention Convention.

Because of the tremendous success at this year's show, I definitely plan to be a participant in next year's convention with a few new products.

Very truly yours,
Robert F. Mason, Inventor
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