Mat Piro
Polar Pac
Los Gatos, CA

Dear Stephen,

Thank YOU!! It has been almost 1 year since we attended your Invention Convention® and what a year it has been. The information that we received, the know-how that we learned and the contacts that we made from your show has been key in bringing our product to market. After we returned from your show, we quickly started to send out promo packages. We sent out a copy of the video from all the news shows that we were featured on while we attended your show along with our brochure.

Within 2 months of returning home from the Invention Convention we received a phone call from one of our mailings. It was a large marketing firm and they were interested in a Licensing Agreement, exactly what we wanted, or so we thought.

After several months of hit and miss progress on the project, our large, very interested marketing company became cool and hard to get a hold of. We had even sent them a first draft of a proposed Licensing Agreement in December however, it was never further discussed.

So as the Lord shall have it, just as one door is shut...another door opens. And this door was framed at the 1998 Invention Convention. We got to know several of our fellow exhibitors at the show but one in particular, the inventors of "Stay Alert" Anti-Sleeping safety device, we have kept in touch with over the following months. It appears that they export a lot of products to Asian countries. They have a sister office in Hong Kong and a relationship with a major retail chain made up of 60 stores in three countries.

They are very interested in our product and wish to see a demonstration. If all goes well, our very first order may be as big as 1,000,000 units!! I really have to thank you for all of the individual attention you gave us new comers to this business. Had it not been for all your generosity, insight and working knowledge along with that of Marsi, Steve and all of your instructors and staff at the Invention Convention, we would not be nearly as close as we are now to getting our product to market.

Kelly, my fiancee and I are getting married this Saturday and we are coming back to a world of opportunity. We have decided to sub out the manufacturing ourselves and go into business...not to mention to say good-bye to the Mortgage Business (very soon we hope)!! Thanks for everything. I have and will continue to tell everyone I know who has a new product to go to the Invention Convention!!

Mat Piro, Inventor of Polar Pac

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