Ken Siegel
San Diego, CA

My name is Ken Siegel, inventor of the CloseHanger®. I was an exhibitor at the 1995 Invention Convention held at the Pasadena Convention Center. This was my first experience debuting my product. Stephen and his crew really helped me prior to the show with advice on how to write press releases, who to send them to, and when to send them. The press releases are key for letting manufacturers and potential licensees know where and when they can see your product. They also provide a medium for you to sell your product and its benefits.

The convention itself was quite exciting. The first day is VIP day in which local newspapers, TV stations and even manufacturers and licensees show up to see what you got. The CloseHanger® (and myself) made it on the ABC News! The convention is especially valuable in that you meet other inventors and entrepreneurs with whom you can share your trials and tribulations with. The seminars are also extremely valuable.

Stephen Gnass as a consultant is an excellent resource for business start-up, licensing, and advertising/marketing information. He can point you in the right direction. He has a wealth of knowledge that is unsurpassed!

One of the greatest things is the Invention Connection® web site. If you are a past exhibitor, Stephen Gnass and his crew will put together a web page for you at a huge discount. I have to say, it really does pay to do this. I have been contacted from people and companies from all over the world looking to export or distribute the CloseHanger®. They keep the motivation going!

For those of you thinking of exhibiting but not wanting to because of the cost - think again! The cost of exhibiting is peanuts compared to the experience and contacts you receive.

Thank you Stephen, and the Invention Convention crew for assisting me. I look forward to future conventions.


Kenneth D. Siegel
President, KDS Designs

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