Gus Cicarelli
Inventor, "those TUBES"
Azusa, CA

Subject: Thank You!

Hello! I'm writing to thank you all once again! But particularly thanks to you Stephen and Marsi and of course all your staff like Anika and the rest of the guys too! and the show! My Patent Pending invention and prototypes were a huge success! It definitely made a successful impression. In fact, I am so pleased to be awarded First Place for Design Excellence!

It was absolutely great to see the reactions of hundreds of people which had nothing but fabulous comments to say about it and express their comments like "this is the best invention here!" to "this product will be a huge success!" to having them even say to me "I wish it was available now!"

Plus, investors and VIPs from all over the United States and over-seas were also incredibly impressed with this revolutionary and yet simple, highly effective technology behind my invention, which also did provide me with some leads and interests.

All the comments from the many retail and business owners particularly in regards to how this product will easily provide them with the exact neon look as signage for their advertising purposes plus much, much, more, were great! They often mentioned this product will definitely solve their illuminated signage needs and solve their frustrating problems associated with using neon or other back-lit simulated neon products and also mentioned how this new product will provide it all at a fraction of their investment.

Comments like "I thought it was neon!" to "I would without a doubt buy a few!" were the best compliments given over and over again! People also made suggestions and visualized on how many places this product may be used at, etc.!, etc.!

Thanks for providing me with the information and "tips" about the media coverage. It was great to have major TV media come by and feature my invention frequently. NBC, CBS, KTLA, KCAL (to name a few) featured my prototypes. I also met so many experienced and well known patent examiners, inventors and lawyers and they too let me know how very impressed they were with again, this simple, user-friendly and highly effective simulated neon providing system/product.

The show definitely assured me that there is an absolute need for something like this. I learned a lot from it. The seminars were also great! The speakers were very helpful and provided me with many more "tips".

Boy, I am now more than confident in my product. Like you mentioned, now I can use the show as good reference when talking with manufacturers and let them know the response I received from attending.

I really appreciate the last minute booth change, the invitation to the first media coverage on set-up morning, the invitation for me and Sheryl to the private dinner, the award, the food, the get-togethers and the true professionalism of you! I saw you all over the place from start to finish, we at times wondered if you had any sleep! None of us probably did that weekend! But we made it and I hope you guys had a rewarding weekend also! I can understand and appreciate how much you put into this show! Keep up the great work!! As you understand, I hope not to be an exhibitor next year, but if I do I'll be happy to do it all again! I just hope to only be a part of the general public next year of course if my idea gets licensed!

I've been so busy with "after show" stuff. There are some interesting leads I am following up right now also,but nothing yet confirmed. Of course I'll let you know as soon as something good turns up! You guys made this hard work fun! Thanks for all your support! Well, I hope to meet with you again soon, I'll probably be giving you another note soon! Thanks for everything, and have a great day!

P.S. Sorry I took so long to write, but there is still alot of work to be done!

Gus Cicarelli;"thoseTUBES"

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