Bob DeMatteis
Invention, Patents & Trademarks, Co.

Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for the Invention Convention!

As you know, I wanted to use the convention to launch my new endeavor. I can tell you that the amount of newspaper press I received (three newspaper a feature article in the L.A. Times California Weekly supplement) and a television opportunity (with Fox Television) were much more than I expected. The Invention Convention was a most successful launching pad for my new books and inventor wares.

It was also my pleasure to help train booth participants in "boothmanship". You may not know this, but I had helped one fellow in his approach to talking to people and later on he could not thank me enough. Why? He received an offer from Target stores to include his new Christmas tree in Target's Christmas program. The head Buyer at Target projected sales of about 50,000 units...this is about $4 million wholesale!

If anyone has any doubt about the good an inventor can receive by being a part of the Invention Convention, these examples should be perfect.

Steve, as you know, I teach my seminar participants how to go out into the real world to make things happen. Just like the fellow from Pennsylvania with the Christmas tree, I truly believe that more inventors should become a part of the convention so they too can have the opportunity to launch their new inventions into a multi-million dollar success!

I look forward to all future conventions.

Bob DeMatteis

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