Bernie Cousino
Pioneer of the eight track tape industry
Fort Myers, FL

To: Stephen Paul Gnass

Your 1990 Invention Convention was far beyond anything I had contemplated when I agreed to serve as a speaker and to exhibit our latest patented developments. Although we pioneered the eight track tape industry, our patents had expired long ago. However, two new "state of the art" patents had just been issued and were ready for OEM promotion, ie. 4,931,890 of June 5/90 and 4,947,279 of August 7/90; so we decided to join the show.

After mass production tooling and two years of successful field testing with our "Message Repeater products, we were ready to offer our new Cousino Microloop[tm] system to the OEM markets. Your Invention Convention turned out to be the perfect answer. We were surprised at how many engineers and customers recognized our pioneering products and patents on display and were impressed and pleased with our new state of the art developments. This resulted in a good number of substantial prospects in the United States and two foreign countries.

Steve, I sincerely meant my message delivered in my talk at the closing awards meeting. Your Invention Convention format is a very substantial asset to our United States efforts to restore the creative pioneering leadership of great inventors like Edison, Ford, Firestone and many others. We must help our younger generations to see the light! Keep up the good work.
Bernard A. Cousino

After participating in the Invention Convention®, Bernie Cousino went on to start the Edison Inventors Association in Florida. In his 90's, he died peacefully while working at his desk in late 1994.

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