Alysia Giffin
KAAS, Inc.
Auburn, CA

Dear Mr. Gnass,

We at KAAS, Inc. thank you and all the staff that worked so hard to make this past Invention Convention a truly remarkable show. There was an impressive amount of evidence of all the planning required to orchestrate such a high caliber endeavor.

My family is especially grateful to two of your assistants, Maria and Spencer. Spencer's passion for his work, along with his excellent "pitch" launched us into this mission. As for Maria, her sweet support promptly answered my many questions. Together, their positive, personal attention and enthusiasm for the show caused me to seek them out, to meet them face to face. I hope to see them again.

As for our business, this convention couldn't have had better timing. My husband and I had been feeling a little discouraged with the lack of progress of our product, Plug Tight. But when we left the show, we felt assured that we had some qualified contacts that would help take us to a new level.

We came away with contacts of overseas marketing distributors, Canada and U.S. distributors, as well as confidence in a quality product with favorable public response. We are sorting out the offers of the trades' help that deal with computer, magazine and infomercial advertising. It has been a busy last couple of weeks, trying to learn as much as we can so that we can make the wisest decisions. The seminars at the show were very helpful in preparing us for what was to come.

One of the many highlights of the show was making friends with members of our own peers; inventors and entrepreneurs that encouraged us, as they were at all different levels of the inventing process. Another benefit that was beyond what we were expecting, was the award that my husband received. There were a lot of deserving exhibitors at this show.

We are certainly looking forward to the next show in April, Stephen, and to see what 'rabbits you'll be pulling out of your hat. You sure do excellent work!! Thanks again to you and your staff.

Alysia Giffin
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