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A note regarding the phrase:

"The People That Put On The Invention Convention®"

Are you aware that the above line is incorrect grammar? It should be "The People 'WHO' put on the Invention Convention", not 'THAT put on the Invention Convention. Who is used for people; that is used for things.

In regards to the wording, we are open to, and really appreciate any input. However with this particular phrase, we actually intended it to have more of a slang and folksy feel, which is why we also used the words "put on" instead of produce. Think of it as a refined version of "them there folks that put on dat Invention Convention thing-a-ma-jig". Naturally, the most formal way of saying it would be: "The company that produces the Invention Convention® trade show".

So while it's true that the word "that" is for describing things and is not the proper word, we think it sounds better and more natural for our particular use.

Interestingly, following is a similar question that came up for Apple Computer due to their use of the phrase "Think Different" in their advertising campaign, along with their response. It can also be found on their site at:


Question: Are you aware that "Think different" is bad grammar? You should say "Think differently"!

Answer: Although some might want "different" to perform as an adverb in this phrase, complete with an "ly" ending, Apple and its advertising agency intend it as a fanciful category, just as we might say "Think yellow," "Think change" or "Think playful."

Here's an illuminating quote from an interview with George Gribbin, legendary copy supervisor of the Young & Rubicam advertising agency and creator of the ungrammatical but highly successful slogan "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should":

    "The American language is a good, salty, homespun, colorful language. And it is that way because of the vernacular. There's just nothing like pieces of the vernacular in advertising, or in any other kind of writing. It's not just using the vernacular, it's using the color of the life around you in a fresh way."

Think vernacular. Think different.

Apple Computer, Apple, and Think Different are the tradenames of Apple Computer.

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